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Today's Solutions for a Green Tomorrow
Omni BioEnergy, LLC is a Green Energy Solutions company formed to expand and commercialize its innovations for renewable energy generation and fuels. Omni’s core competency is biomass gasification for electricity generation, or Bioenergy.  
In addition to its groundbreaking Artis Biomass Gasification solutions, Omni can provide consulting services and engineering to its development partners and customers.
Planet stewardship is everyone's responsibility. At Omni BioEnergy we are constantly working to create and deploy carbon neutral to carbon negative solutions.
Omni BioEnergy solutions enable its customers to:
  • Cost effectively turn waste into green energy
  • Dramatically reduce operating costs
  • Generate "Green" revenues

Better Technology = Better Results

Omni BioEnergy's Artis Gasification Systems deliver a leap forward over legacy systems in terms of both cost and performance. The Artis systems, available in 100kW, 250kW and 500kW configurations, leverage a  unique approach in "active" gasification management, modular design, configurable operation, feed stock flexibility, and remote monitoring and operation.  Our “clean” systems approach makes us a lower cost solution for waste elimination, “On Demand” power generation, and carbon reduction. Our approach to modular systems design allows us to scale  to larger Bioenergy projects as well.

Omni Bioenergy systems can operate 24x7, or as needed, to provide  power in support of a range of electricity policy schemes including: Net Meter, Behind-the-Meter, Feed-in Tariff, Micro-Grid or Off-Grid. Omni solutions solve the challenge of using intermittent renewables, such as wind or solar, to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards beyond 30% and feature as an alternative to battery storage.






A great team consists of great people.

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